What does the Apple’s iOS 12 Update Bring?

Over the past couple of years, Apple Messages application was the spotlight of various big updates, but this year Apple Messages app is receiving just minor updates. However, FaceTime is getting its biggest overhaul yet with the iOS 12.

As a prompt, Apple’s iOS 12 is presently available only in beta. It probably changes features and looks might be different by the time it is released.

However, the Apple Messages app in iOS 12 is not even receiving lots of new features or changes. Instead of that, some minor squeezes should make the messaging easier. There is a new app dock for iMessage apps which includes new Photos shortcut for faster access to your photo library. The “i” button also appears from the top-right corner of a conversation thread. To view a contact’s information, click on the picture appearing at the top of the screen.

The Camera app in the Messages is getting a few new features. After introducing the camera in a conversation, by this, you can take photos or videos with the help of filters, apply the stickers or add drawings to spice up the photos shared with a loved one. For using the new photo tools, click on the button in the bottom-left corner of the camera app.

After waiting far-off, FaceTime is finally getting the option of group video calls. One very good news for the users that with the use of iOS 12 you will be able to grasp a FaceTime call including up to 32 people together.

The Apple redesigned FaceTime look will show the thumbnails for every user in what Apple calls “the Roster” beside the bottom of the screen, and since someone starts to talk their video which is referred to as a Tile and will also move to the top of the screen. The size of the tile is established by who is active on the call, with the Tile of the person that is talking slowly getting and bigger the longer when he or she talks.

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