Troubleshoot Skype Camera Not Working Issue

Computer users usually keep Skype in their system to stay connected with others via video calls. It is a majorly used software because it is an amazing product. The software has quality features where you are easily visible to the receiver and you can have real-time conversations. It feels so real that it seems like you are with your loved ones. At the bottom of the corner of the display, you can see a small frame which shows your camera. The small frame can be enlarged, but you are not visible to yourself in the frame, you are not visible to the receiver as well. Imagine how difficult it would be to continue the conversations without seeing each other on a video call. In that scenario, you may fret about what you should do? There are loads of reasons which may be creating the problem. Maybe the camera is not connected properly or there is a problem with the software. But don’t worry; there are solutions to solve the issue. Without wasting another second, follow the steps and fix the problem.

  1. Check if the camera is working or connected properly to your device

It is always good to check the connections of the camera with the device as it resolves the problem beforehand. If your webcam is connected to your device, then try to switch port. Along with it, check if your device is On and see if anything is obstructing the camera. If the problem is not resolved, then jump to the second step.

  1. Make sure if the webcam is compatible

It has been seen that Skype is quite choosy with Webcams. It does not accept every webcam to its software. If you are not able to see yourself, then your camera may not be compatible with the software.

  1. Check if Skype is properly configured

 In top bar of the Skype window, click ‘Tools’ and choose ‘Options’ to select Video setting. Through settings, you will be able to check your Webcam configuration.

  • Select webcam and check for the default webcam. Check if Skype has picked a wrong device.
  • Still, your device is not recognized by the software? Open its software.
  • Change your camera in the opened software.
  • Restart Skype and check the configurations in video settings.

If the issue still exists then follow the next step.

  1. Check your Webcam setting

Checking your webcam settings might help you to resolve the issue. If it gets fixed, then you can see yourself in Skype’s camera window.

  • Again, go to Tools in Skype. Click on options and open Video settings.
  • In Webcam settings, you can view all the configuration, driver settings and correct or choose them according to your wish.
  1. Update your Skype

 It seems like your Skype version is outdated and hence it is not configuring your camera correctly. Thus updating your webcam could resolve  the issue. Microsoft rolls out the new updates for the software in a short time, anyways.

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