Switch Docked and Undocked play time is “About Even,” says Nintendo

Nintendo Switch

Since Nintendo’s Switch was released in 2016, it has been offering two completely different play styles. Users can either play it as a handheld or as a console. According to an official Nintendo Switch research conducted in 2017, over fifty percent of Switch gamers play on the Switch in both handheld mode and docked to a big screen. Nintendo’s investor presentation also revealed that approximately 30 percent of Switch users primarily use the undocked mode over eighty percent of the time.

In a recent interview, Nintendo’s VP of Sales since 2015, told Ars Technica that Switch playtime divide between the two modes is “about even” with half in the dock and the remaining away from the dock. The undocked playtime portion consists of both tabletop mode as well as handheld mode. He added that Nintendo, at present, is not monitoring which specific play mode a user is using at a particular time.

Nintendo has collected the stats data via online Nintendo accounts. Therefore, it means that offline games are not included in the dataset. Children below the age of 12, who consist of 17 percent of Switch user base, most likely do not have access to the internet. Browser added that these statistics allow Nintendo to understand its markets and how users play the games. It helps them in creating digital marketing campaigns.

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