How To Start Adding Expiration Date To Shared Google Drive Folders

Have you been exasperated with manually accessing permission of the Google Drive files? It is more likely to be easier to set a cease-sharing date, a sort of expiration date for the sharing permission. After this date, you can no longer share this file with the person you often share with.

An expiration date is something that tells users the last day a device or product is safe to use.

An expiration date can be set by you, too to the Google Drive shared files by adding the Google Script on your Google Drive because everything that it requires is a script.

How to Integrate Google Drive:-

Before you go ahead, you need to create a copy of a Google Script.

  1. Tap on the File option,
  2. And click on make a Copy.
  3. Below Expiry Time option, enter the date and time the folder stops to be shared.
  4. Below Folder URL, you need to change the URL path to the folder of which you want to set the expiration time.
  5. Note: the folder URL that requires replacing should be the Link to Share of the folder.
  6. Mark a folder you want to share by clicking on Share option. Then you will obtain the Link to share.
  7. After you complete this, a Sharing Setting page will appear to you.
  8. Now you need to copy the Link to share and replace it in the script.
  9. And now you’ve got to tap on the option Run.
  10. Then click on Initialize.
  11. Permission for accessing user data will be required. To do so, click on Authorize option.
  12. After doing this, click on the option Run.
  13. And tap on the Start button.

Now your folder has got an expiry date. And you’ll be immediately notified about it, in an email.

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