April 18, 2018

Norton.com/MyAccount | Norton Account – Norton.com/Setup

Managing an antivirus account is quite important as one needs to subscribe and reinstall it from time to time. There are ample of options to do in the. Talking about the Norton antivirus and its account, it is one of the leading online security provider which lets user manage their account in the most efficient way. One can make the purchase without taking too much time as it has user-friendly interface.

By using the advanced methods of signature and heuristics, Norton’s security software detects viruses in your system and fights against it. Just by scanning it on your PC, it will clean the system within 2-3 minute. With Norton antivirus security, you get spam Email filtering and phishing security which lets you have a safe email experience.

More about Norton Antivirus Security

As we all are well aware the best of features and services it provides to their user. Norton Antivirus security is one of the most trusted name in the field of Antivirus security program. Getting the Norton Antivirus for your computer feels like getting a shield that keeps all your important files and data saved on your computer.

No matter ff your computer is working slow or stops functioning, Norton is a one stop solution for all these issues. Slow performance of a computer often caused by any virus attack. The possible reasons for the malware attack might differ because there are various ways your device can get affected by the viruses or malware threats.  One of the  most common medium for such attack  is the internet.

Why Norton Antivirus Security is Must?

We use to explore a number of website on daily basis. Chances of getting malware attack due to the unsafe website is much high. Such unsafe websites can damage down your computer, Androids, iOS in no time. Another reason for the malware could be peripheral devices. We often need to make Powerpoint presentations, videos or others for educational, business and promotional purposes. For making such presentations and basic work, we need to install external devices as heavy files take time to upload on the internet. So, it is very important to secure the systems against these kinds of potential damage the computer.

Features of Norton Antivirus

The reason for the popularity is its feature, it  has some of the extraordinary feature which lets you make it a default antivirus system. Get your eyes down on some of the best features of the Norton antivirus.

  • Powerful protection
  • Performance optimization
  • Online backup of 25 GB
  • Parental control
  • Cross platform protection
  • Smart firewall
  • Spam filtering
  • Password management

Steps to Create Norton Account

Creating a Norton account is very important as you will not be able to make your purchase until and unless you have an a Norton account. For creating a Norton account, you need to follow the steps and apply the same on your computer.

  1. Visit the official site of www.norton.com/setup.
  2. Click on “Sign In” tab displayed at the rightmost corner of the Norton home page.
  3. Now, two options will appear one is “Sign In” and another is to “Create an Account”.
  4. Click on “Create an Account.
  5. Now, you need to enter all the correct details in it.
  6. Details like name, last name, country and email address carefully. Now, set a strong password.
  7. After putting all the correct details in it. Go through the terms and conditions and tick mark the checkbox to make an agreement to it
  8. Now just click on “Create Account”.

Congo! Your account has been successfully created and you can now make your purchase from the Norton Account.

How to Access my Norton Account?

By accessing the Norton account, you will be able to manage Norton subscriptions, find product updates, reinstall products,  and other useful features as well. Coming to its product features, it includes Norton Online Backup which lets you get a backup whenever you need. You can review the account  to check Norton Online Store purchase records. Furthermore, one can easily check their subscription renewal details on it.

With this, one can download some of the previously installed products and recover product license information. You can perform any of the task only by accessing your Norton account. To do this, you must have a Norton account. You can manage it visiting norton.com/myaccount. In case, if you don’t have an account then create one manage your Norton account. We have listed out a few of steps by which one can access and manage their Norton My account. There are mainly three steps that guide you to access your Norton account. So, without wasting much time. Just read the given steps below:


Your first task should  be finding the email address which is associated with your account. You always need to remember the email address that you used while purchasing the Norton services. However, if you have forgot the email then you can contact the Norton customer support and can know about it. You can contact them and can ask them to recover the account’s email address. If you don’t have much time for that then send  an email to Norton Customer Support.


Once you access the My account section of Norton, you will be able to restore and recover a Norton Account password.  All you need is to visit the Norton website and click the “Sign In” link and select the “Recover it here” link. After selecting it,  you can place the email address associated with your Norton Account. Click on the “Continue” button. Wait a few moments. You can use the temporary password you receive.


Login with the correct login credential. Now, you can access your Norton Account from my.norton.com then click the “Sign in” button. Enter your Norton Account password and email address.