Interesting Twitter Accounts to Follow

Twitter isn’t famous only for political ideological wars or the useless trolling. There are so many funny and interesting sides to it which people aren’t aware of. There are certain Twitter accounts that are known for delivering educational and entertaining content on a daily basis. Twitter is a staple for your smart devices for almost every age. Twitter can be a substitute for newspapers. It is known for following the celebrities, looking for the celebrities, following your friends and following the funny users. Some people love to go to Twitter mainly for the funny accounts. It can make you laugh for hours.

Interesting Twitter Accounts to Follow

  • Male Thoughts- @Stevestfler.

This account is blessed with some really funny memes. Do not get discouraged with the name of an account.

  • @VancityReynolds

Ryan Reynolds is famous for has funny acting skills. His character of Deadpool is enough to reduce anyone to tears of uncontrollable laughter. Whenever Reynolds get into Twitter, you can be sure of a good laugh.

  • @FakeAP Stylebook

This is going to make an appeal to all the English teachers, writers, grammar nazis and the book lovers out there. AP Style is a style of writing that is demanded and developed by some of the editors and employees. The new FakeAP StyleBook cranks the humor upto 15 by messing up with all the hilarious rules of grammar. You will end up laughing crazy for days. These writers are a weird bunch. Avoid reading it if you are someone who is easily offended.

Educational and Interesting Twitter Accounts

It is beneficial to have a look at some of the educational and interesting Twitter accounts.

  • Long Reads

Physiognomy has been disposed of as 19th century pseudoscience. It is good to practice it.  People have been fond of LongReads. It has been recommended by a bunch of people. Thanks to the internet that people now skim articles rather than reading them carefully.  LongReads have tried to bring the love of Long storytelling back. It does so by linking to online articles that take more than 5 minutes to read.

  • Atlas Obscura

Religious fans pay thousands for bricks of this fermented tea. If you are fond of reading and knowing about interesting places in the world then Atlas Obscura is exclusively for you. You will be guaranteed to find something here that will help you in piquing your interest.

  • NASA

There is only one government agency that has embraced the Internet wholeheartedly, it is NASA. Whatever they put online is surely breathtaking. Their website is a treasure for anyone having the slightest interest in space. The high definition photos captured by satellites and spacecraft are just breathtaking. They are known for making amazing photos and desktop wallpaper.

  • So Sad Today

This account may sound sad but it is really not. It has really dark humor and relatable content for almost every age group whether its teen, young or an adult. It may be possible that some of the stuff isn’t brilliant but most of the stuff is pretty good. It is considerably funny because it is mostly relatable.

  • Puns@Omgthatspunny

This is occupied with a bunch of funny posts. It also has some stuffs from Tumblr. Most of the posts from Tumblr are just super funny. If you are a fan of a Punny sense of humor then it is exclusively for you.

Theses are some of the accounts that are known for some great humor and can provide you with great information as well. Check them out and follow them for lightening up your mood.

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