How to Track your Lost AirPods?

When Apple announced that it will release AirPods- the wireless earphones for iOS device, the iPhone holders waited desperately for it. Apple always remains innovative with the ideas for its services and products; it again launched its new AirPods earphones which do not require Bluetooth connection to connect with the iPhone. It is obvious to wait for AirPods and stay in queue to buy the brand new accessory with impressive sound quality.

How to Track your Lost AirPods

These quality earphones are so light in weight and comfortable that they offer a fantastic experience. But with these qualities, there are some disadvantages as well. Because of the compact design, it is really easy to misplace AirPods. And many of the users have reported that they have lost or misplaced. But, in contrary, Apple is seen helping its customers to find their lost Apple products; the company again offers a way to find the lost AirPods in a few seconds. Let’s see the way through which you can find your lost AirPods. Note that the AirPods can be found only if you have an iOS device. A non-Apple device is unable to track your AirPods.

Before going into the process, ensure you have

  • An iOS device with iOS 10.3 or its successor.
  • AirPods are connected with an iOS device.
  • An iCloud account.
  • Enabled Find My iPhone.

There are two ways to find the lost AirPods. One is by using the iOS device and the second is by using the computer.

Here, how to track lost AirPods with an iOS device

  1. Launch Find My iPhone
  2. Enter your credentials to Sign in with your Apple account.
  3. All the devices paired with your iOS device will appear in My Devices.
  4. If the AirPods are powered on, then it will come Online, or if it is off, Offline will appear on the screen.
    • Green color indicates that it is Online and connected with the iPhone.
    • Gray color indicates that the app cannot locate it.
  5. Tapping on AirPods when offline will tell you where you used them last time. It might help you to start searching in that location.

How to track lost AirPods with a computer

  1. Click to open iCloud in your computer
  2. Enter your credentials and sign into your Apple account.
  3. Now, open Find iPhone.
  4. Select All Devices.
  5. It will display all the devices connected.
  6. Click AirPods.
  7. Now, you will be able to see the maps displaying the location where you lost your AirPods.

Again, if the AirPods are on then, it appears online with Green color or else Gray color will be shown to indicate the device is offline. If the earbuds are coming Green, you have chances to find them. Else you will be able to get the location where you last used when the color is Gray. No matter what place the app is showing you, don’t wait anymore and run to the location and start looking for your lost AirPods. Wish you good luck.

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