How to Stop Hackers from Stealing Apple ID

Here is terrible yet authentic news. It is a fact that scammers are selling Apple IDs for $15. It’s because some random people must have accessed your personal information. It causes significant harm because these thieves can potentially use your name for deceiving other accounts. There is no need to say that it is mandatory to take all measures to avoid such a threatening situation. A compromised Apple ID is undoubtedly going to cost you a lot. Do make every possible step by devoting little time and diligence. First and foremost thing you can do is, stop serving your Apple ID on a silver platter.

How to Stop Hackers from Stealing Apple ID


  • Start spotting hacking attempts

How are the hackers able to steal Apple IDs? Trust it or not, but only you are responsible for this. People unknowingly hand them over. They fall for an email that appears from Apple but is fake designed for collecting personal information. You may receive an email has the same font, same formatting, and says that your account has been compromised and click here to reset your password and protect your identity. If you click, then you will be taken to another fake page that looks like Apple. They will ask to enter your user ID, password and maybe your social security number.  Remember this simple advice, never click a link in the email that takes you to an account page. Instead, open your browser and sign into your account.

  • Always say “Yes” to two-step verification

Imagine some hacker buys your stolen Apple ID, and then they try to take control of your account by changing your email address and password. One nearly excellent way to prevent that from happening is to set up two-step verification. With that, it becomes harder for someone to make changes to your account. The hacker can’t do anything without providing a verification code which will be delivered to the device in possession that is usually your phone. This layer of protection does involve a little complication, but it’s a minimal price to pay for this imp security measure.

  • Go for a password manager

Although it’s not a robust way if you are not using any password manager, you are making it 100 times more comfortable for the hacker to ruin your life. You must be using the same passwords for Apple, your bank, Amazon, your credit card and so on because it is quite challenging to manage them. Password manager not only solves management problem but it also generates tougher to crack and longer passwords to use. Some of them can even automatically log in to your accounts and replace the poor passwords with the better ones.

There are many freebie password managers out, but its worth if we pay a little extra for a premium subscription. Last Pass free premium does not exist. Dash lane premium is among the managers that identify the weak or duplicate passwords and automatically replace them with the better-complex ones. By making some changes to your security and learning to spot such dangers, you can make it next to impossible for the hackers to steal and gain profit from your Apple ID.

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