How to Sign Up for a Twitter Account

After Facebook, Twitter is one of the most famous social networking websites where you can share your links, thoughts, and views. Twitter is a small blogging tool to connect with other types of peoples, interact with them and make a good relationship with them. Twitter can be used to market your blog, get more traffic on it and make a name for your brand.

Before creating your Twitter account, make sure this is a Social networking website, so you require you behaving socially and have an excellent manner to deal with social media.

You can read the following step for better understanding:

  1. Visit the Twitter website.

 Type in your PC web browser.

  • Press Sign Up.

This is a blue tab in the middle of the page. A Twitter sign-up page show on your desktop.

  • Type your name.

Write your name into the “Name” column. It is not compulsory that the name you select should be your real name, it can be your organisation name, or it can be your pen name if required.

  •   Enter your mobile number. You can write your mobile number in the “Phone” column.

•    Whether you wish to use an email ID, tap to use email as alternative link the “Phone” column, after that type an email ID. Confirm that the email ID you type is the one that you wish to relate with your account.

  • Tap Next.

This is located at the upper-right of the display.

  • Hit Sign up.

It is in the middle of the display.

  • Confirm your mobile number.

Leave this step if you wish to use an email ID to log in. To log in for Twitter, if  you used a mobile number, then you require to confirm it by following the steps below:

           •    Hit OK when asked.

           •    Start your mobile phone’s Messages application.

           •    Start the text messages from Twitter.

           •    Look after the six-digit code which you received.

           •    Type the six-digit code in the section on Twitter.

           •    Tap Next to continue.

  • Make a password.

 Enter a password into the column of “You will need a password”, After that, press Next to verify your password.

  • Choose interests.

Go through the topics list at the top of the display and hit every topic in which interests you.

         •    You have an alternative also press Skip for now at the top of the display. Whether you like to do this step, and then leave the next step.

  1. Tap Next.

 This is located in the top-right in the display.

  1. Choose people to follow.

See the column next to every account you wish to follow.

          •    Whether you don’t like to follow anyone, press Skip for now and leave the next step.

  1. Press Follow.

This is at the top of the display. This will add to your chosen accounts to your “Following” button, and now your Twitter feed will start loading

  1. Verify your email ID.

Whether you had used an email ID to create your Twitter account, you will require to verify. You also can use any advanced Twitter features:

        •    Open your email ID inbox

        •    Press the email from Twitter.         •    Hit the verification link in the email.

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