How to Fix Fitbit Won’t Sync to iPhone Issue

In this fast-paced world, people often fail to give much attention to their health. Fitness trackers such as Fitbit help people keep track of their fitness. Fitbit is a fantastic device for fitness freaks. It tracks physical activity, monitors sleep, and checks the heart rate. Moreover, it can easily be synced to a phone device, and users can track their activity and other statistics on their phone.

How to Fix Fitbit Won’t Sync to iPhone Issue

Synchronizing is a word which refers to the activity of data transfer from the Fitbit device to the Fitbit application. This data transfer takes place over Bluetooth. Because of synchronization, the iPhone’s dashboard remains up-to-date with all the day-to-day statistics.

Syncing also involves transferring data from the phone to the Fitbit device, such as reminders and alarms. This way the application, as well as the fitness band, is always singing from the same song sheet.

Now, Fitbit users like to go through their statistics whenever they indulge in some exercise. To do this, they need to open the Fitbit app on their phones. Sadly, at times the data does not get synced with the iPhone.

Ways to Fix Fitbit Tracker Failing to Sync With iPhone Issue

If your Fitbit tracker does not sync to your iPhone, then do not worry. Here are some solutions that will help you get rid of the problem.

1- Check the Fitbit’s battery

You need to see if your Fitbit tracker has enough battery. If the device has no battery, then it will fail to sync to the iPhone.

2- Force quit and re-open the Fitbit app

Tap twice on the Home button in order to get the multi-tasking to come up. After that, press the Fitbit application and swipe upwards in order to quit it. After a couple of minutes, tap on the Fitbit app to re-open it.

3- Disable and enable Bluetooth

Go to the Settings app and tap on the toggle next to Bluetooth to turn it off. Wait for a few moments and turn it back on. After that, tap on the Fitbit app to launch it.

4- Restart the iPhone

Restarting iPhones helps in troubleshooting a number of fundamental issues. Just touch and hold the home button and sleep button. Free both of the buttons when you see the Apple logo on the screen.

5- Uninstall and Re-install Fitbit App

Did your Fitbit band fail to sync to your iPhone after you installed a Fitbit app update? Well, just remove the application by deleting it. After that, go to the Apple App Store and download the Fitbit app again.

6- Reset Network Settings

Launch the Settings application on your iPhone. After that, tap on General. Select Reset from the list of options. Finally, tap on Reset Network Settings. Now, all the network settings will get removed and tweaked to factory settings.

7- Reset the Fitbit tracker

In case none of the solutions mentioned earlier work, you should try restarting the tracker. Each model has a different way for restarting. This process is a bit longer than the others, so be patient while resetting the tracker.

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