How To Fix Fingerprint Issue On MacBook Pro

When you try to add a fingerprint on your MacBook Pro by setting up the touch the ID, and you fail to do so; because a dialog box keeps popping up on your Mac’s screen and saying “Fingerprint Limit Reached.” But in that case, you know that it is not the matter as your MacBook is prompting. However, if you get this warning; doesn’t mean that you will have to reset your fingerprint data. And to do so, you will need to head into the recovery mode of your MacBook.

How To Fix Fingerprint Issue On MacBook Pro

Why Does This Problem Occur?

So either you haven’t saved a fingerprint in your Touch ID on the MacBook Pro or the feature hasn’t been set up in the first place and yet it still prompts that “Fingerprint Limit Reached.” What’s going on here is an issue that doesn’t let the fingerprint data be erased and keeps securing the Enclave on your MacBook. As mentioned in a support article from Apple, this bug is likely to be found in your MacBook if you ever use a third-party utility for removing your MacBook Pro, which somewhere makes sense, because we know that Apple will never hand over anything close to resembling the third-party developers to the Secure Enclave.

How To Delete Your MacBook Pro’s Fingerprint Data?

The following steps will show you how you can exactly delete the fingerprint data of your MacBook Pro:

  1. First of all, you need to start up your Mac, or you can restart it while pressing the Command and R keys simultaneously.
  2. You may release the keys when an Apple logo appears.
  3. Doing so will make your Mac enter the Recovery mode.
  4. Tap on the Utility option in the Menu bar.
  5. Tap on the Terminal option.
  6. Type “xartutil-erase-all” in the Terminal.
  7. Then you need to press the Return key on your Mac’s keyboard.
  8. And type Yes.
  9. Tap on the Apple menu in the Menu bar.
  10. Here you will need to tap on the Restart option to reboot your Mac.

That’s it. You can now add fingerprints to Touch ID on your MacBook Pro.

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