How Can Purchasing a Smart Bulb Change Your Life?

Smart houses, smartphones, smart digital assistants, and even smart bulbs! Every appliance or device is slowly graduating into a smart device. Naturally, we are faced with the question of how “smart” are these Smart Devices? And are they worth shelling out the extra bucks? We explore smart bulbs that can do so much more than sit in the bulb holder and shed light. Smart bulbs can connect to a network consisting of a digital assistant or a smartphone and can carry out actions on command.

How Can Purchasing a Smart Bulb Change Your Life

Here is how purchasing a smart bulb can drastically change your life:

Let There Be Light

Regular bulbs need a dimmer circuit so that you can reduce (or increase) the light intensity. However, smart bulbs can be dimmed or made brighter just by fiddling on the bulb’s app. Just screw them onto your socket, and you are good to go. No extra circuits involved! However, consider the size of the room and other key factors before making the purchase.

Remote Control

Remember how frustrating it is when you are comfortably tucked in bed, but then you remember that you left the bathroom lights on? Or what about the terror kids feel when they have to cover a whole lot of distance in the dark? With smart bulbs, switching off or switching on the bulbs would be least of your concerns. Some smart bulbs offer remote control where you can control the lights from its corresponding app. Furthermore, you could be out of town and still control the lights! Works rather well when you wish to project that your house is being lived in and ward away the burglars.

Single Bulb, Many Hues

The most fantastic thing about Smart Bulbs is that you can change the color of your room as per your many moods! All that without having to replace the bulb! Most smart bulbs can change their color suiting your mood. Moreover, some bulbs even offer a color wheel on their app, from which you can pick out the perfect shade that pleases your eyes. In fact, you can even ask your personal digital assistants to change the color of the bulb as per will.

Your Personal Disco

Yes! Some smart bulbs can double up as your speakers too! Certain brands of smart bulbs have speakers built into their frames. What’s even more astounding is that some smart bulbs can detect the genre of music and change its shade and can even pulse or strobe accordingly! All of these bulbs may not be loud but are just enough to play music at an ambient noise. Others offer high-quality audio sound and can dim or brighten as per wish.

Sleep Tight!

As we mentioned before, smart bulbs can play ambient music in its speakers, which can be a perfect prelude to a good night’s sleep. Furthermore, you may choose the perfect light that can induce sleep, like warm tones that offer hours of uninterrupted sleep. In fact, some smart bulbs are scientifically designed to promote melatonin productions and reset your circadian cycle for optimum sleep.

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