Guide to Add Non-Kindle Content on Kindle app

If anyone wants to read non-Kindle books on Kindle or has bought Kindle books that don’t show on the device due to a connection problem, then the user has to transfer books from PC to Kindle manually. When the user has to transfer books to Kindle, he or she should be sure that the files should be Kindle supported. Here are the steps to transfer books to Kindle.

Part 1. Adding Non-Kindle Content to User Kindle Application

1.    The user should know what can transfer. The user can use Kindle Application to read a large variety of other formats that might be on user’s PC. Below are some types of files:

•    Document Files (.DOC, .DOCX, .PDF, .TXT, .RTF)

•    Image Files (.JPEG, .JPG, .GIF, .PNG, .BMP)

•    eBooks (.MOBI only)

2.    Download and install the transfer program in the user computer. To send the supported file to the Kindle Application on the user’s iPad, Amazon gives transfer software for Windows and Mac.

•    The computer version may be downloaded at

•    The PC version may download at

3.    Send the compatible document to user Kindle Application. After installation of the program, there are three ways available to transfer files. The procedures are same both for Mac and Windows.

•    Right-hit (Ctrl-click on Mac) on the file(s) and choose “Send to Kindle.” Select user iPad from the menu of devices.

•    Launch the Send to Kindle app and drag-and-drop files into it. Choose user iPad from the menu of devices.

•    Print a document and choose “Send to Kindle” as the printer. A new window will get launched.

Part 2. Reading Kindle Books

1.    Press the “Devices” button on user’s Kindle Application. All the downloaded books will display on the screen.

2.    Hit the book which you wish to launch. To launch the book press the cover of the visible book.

Part 3. How to fix purchases not appearing issue?

1.    Make sure that user iPad has a wireless or phone data connection (network). There should be a working network connect ionto get the user’s purchases.

2.    Manually synchronize user library. If user purchase is not visible, he or she may require syncing the library with user’s purchase history manually.

•    Hit the “Synchronize” tab on the Kindle Application’s main screen.

3.    Twice check if the user payment info is correct. To successfully buy Kindle books from Kindle, user’s single-click payment info should be valid.

•    By entering, go to the Kindle Management page on the Amazon site.

•    Hit the “Setting” button.•   Evaluate payment info and correct the mistakes, as well be sure to check the billing info.

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